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and its progenitors. As the research base continues to grow, it is evident that another step in the evolution of these bats has been played out. The chiropteran orders can be divided into two basic categories: the pteropodoids (flying mammals) and the microchiropterans (small, insectivorous mammals). The pteropodoids are comprised of numerous families, including the vespertilionids and emballonurids. This review has focused on the vespertilionids. We focus on the morphological and molecular genetic characteristics of the subfamily Vespertilioninae, one of the most speciose subfamilies of bats in the world. We place particular emphasis on the Cistugidae, Vespertilioninae and Miniopterinae because many species from these two subfamilies have been well-studied in the past. In addition, the Cistugidae possess one of the largest and most morphologically complex body plans among chiropteran mammals. The family Vespertilionidae (insectivorous bats) includes the six subfamilies Vespertilioninae, Molossidae, Rhinolophinae, Mystacinidae, Miniopterinae, and Artiboscininae. The subfamily Vespertilioninae is divided into the tribes Natalini, Pipistrellini, and Vespertilionini. The tribe Natalini is placed in the tribe Vespertilionini and the subfamily Miniopterinae is placed in the tribe Vespertilionini. The subfamily Vespertilioninae includes the genera which have been previously studied in the past. For example, the genus Vespertilionini comprises most of the species-rich subfamily Vespertilioninae, including the largest group of bats in the world, the Molossidae, and the species that have been well-studied, including the silver-haired bat (*Lasionycteris noctivagans*) and the mouse-eared bat (*Myotis myotis*). In this study, we included all bats from the genera *Lasionycteris, Myotis*, and *Scotomanes* (the supertribe Vespertilionoidea) and more than 80 species from other genera. We first examined the morphological characteristics of bats from the genera *Lasionycteris, Myotis*, and *Scotoman



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