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Quartz Open: A Framework of Frameworks

Every organization is unique. Each has different people, products, and processes. That’s why so many struggle to implement “best practices” designed for other companies and organizations. One method does not fit all scenarios. You’re unique—so your processes will be too.

The Quartz Open Framework was designed to help teams define their “best practices” process for products and projects by integrating multiple methods into a coherent whole. Quartz, as a process framework, provides a logical flow from idea to product to market, embracing market feedback and continuous learning during each step of the process.

You can use the framework to define a basic process with minimal artifacts or you can expand each step to include much more. It all depends on the unique requirements and risk profile of your organization.

Connect to other frameworks

Each planning and execution phase is designed to handoff to another method. For example, during the CREATE phase, you might implement Kanban or Scrum. In the CONNECT phase, you could connect to your sales and marketing method such as Account Based Marketing (ABM).

The “No Chaos” method from Product Growth Leaders shows an implementation designed for product managers and product marketing managers in software-enabled products.

Other frameworks, such as the Product Launch System from BrainKraft, extend the DELIVER phase, adapting the framework to ORGANIZE, DEFINE, ASSESS, FOCUS, PREPARE, and ACCELERATE.

What’s your process?

The Quartz Open Framework can be thought of as a fractal. If you don’t have a method, say for your creation phase, you could follow the same steps: To define a product feature or a marketing campaign, DISCOVER (or analyze) in full detail the problem you’ve been tasked to solve, COMMIT a team and identify the resources necessary to solve it, DESCRIBE the problem and brainstorm solutions, CREATE the feature or campaign, DELIVER it back to the requestor, and CONNECT with those who will use it. All while learning and getting feedback at each step.

Or you can work it backward as a diagnostic tool:

  • CONNECT: Did we enable success for those who buy and use the solution?

  • DELIVER: Did we empower the customer-facing teams with adequate tools and messaging?

  • CREATE: Did we design and build the right solution?

  • DESCRIBE: Did we identify and describe the right problems?

  • COMMIT: Did we make the business case and commit adequate resources?

  • DISCOVER: Did we truly understand the market and its problems?

The Quartz Open Framework initiative is for anyone who needs a free-to-use and free-to-share model that synchronizes multiple teams around a common understanding of idea to product to market.

Become a member of the Quartz Open Framework initiative to download an editable version of the canvas.


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