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Glass Buildings

The Quartz Open Framework is a process framework that anyone can use.


The Quartz Open Framework was created by leveraging the experience of dozens of product professionals and industry thought-leaders.


Enable your teams to achieve business results through practical tools and a common language.

Imagine cross-functional teams speaking with a common language and using common practices.

Imagine a system where feedback from the market is instantly fed back into the business.

Imagine that innovation is repeatable.


Imagine that risk is reduced throughout the process and the opportunities for success are higher. When something is made, they know beforehand that someone wants to buy it.


Glass Buildings

INSIGHT is not an accident, INNOVATION is repeatable, and SUCCESS takes more than luck.


Before Quartz, framework and process options for product teams were tied to walled gardens that require significant investment to implement, limit availability and pigeon-hole usage.

Quartz is an open framework that anyone can use to define their processes for strategy, planning, and growth.


Quartz is light on handoffs and gated processes by design. This allows for smoother transitions between stages and teams.


Being this nimble means speeding velocity, improving decision-time and opening up more room for innovation.


It's easy to implement Quartz. Cross-functional partners use their own processes and methodologies such as Scrum or ABM.


As you might expect from a modern methodology, Quartz is designed from the ground up to integrate well with these and others.

Need a template? 

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Quartz is FREE to use, OPEN with a Creative Commons License, and EASY to deploy in any organization

PHASES of Quartz

As a process framework, Quartz defines both the necessary steps and how to order them, turning innovation into a choreographed dance. Learn at every step and adjust your plans accordingly. 


Before investing in a new idea, whether a new product, a new initiative, or a new launch, know whether it is worth it for your organization, where it fits in your portfolio, and what people will benefit.

With the approval to proceed with the innovation, lay out the vision and goals of the project, define who will buy and adopt the innovation, and set about making it. 

It’s time to mobilize the internal teams and prepare to connect with your market. Come up with go-to-market plans and define launch goals. As you execute on those plans and vision, consider what has and has not worked and feed that information back into the organization. 

Quartz can go as deep as your organization requires. Each phase could have smaller child deliverables or tasks underneath, and each of those could have children, and so forth. Quartz provides a structure that works at every level of detail. 

BENEFITS of Quartz

Company and organization leaders

As your product organization scales, it’s imperative to standardize your tools and methods. The Quartz Open Framework provides a structure for each stage of product planning, from idea to market, plus standard templates you can use immediately. Using Quartz, you can see how tactical methods lead from one to another into a coherent product planning process.

Product operations (ProductOps)

ProductOps is a specialized role within product or product management that normalizes the function across all products and services. The Quartz Open Framework provides a way align, standardize, and optimize.

Independent consultants

Use the Quartz Open Framework as a foundation for your coaching and training. It’s not proprietary and it’s not prescriptive. Structure your content with the framework and adapt it to the needs of your clients. Plus, expand your courseware with templates from the Quartz Open Framework library.

Product managers and product marketing managers

Look beyond the tactical to see all aspects of the product process from business planning to product planning to go-to-market planning. Use the Quartz templates to put a more professional face on your communications with your leaders, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Internal coaches

Product coaches will appreciate customizable templates from the Quartz Open Framework library to supplement those available from standard training courses and methods.

GET STARTED with Quartz

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Quartz Open Framework partners can assist you in all stages of the framework from strategy to execution.

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Get the Book

Turn Ideas Into Products is the playbook that leads you step-by-step from problem discovery to launch based on the QuartzOpen Framework.

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